A Java-Developer, made in 🇨🇭Switzerland!
Hi, I'm Andre_601

Since many years do I develope a lot of different things in Java.
A selection of some of my (more popular) work can you find below. A full list of all my projects I currently maintain can be found in the Projects Page.


*Purr* is a Discord Bot I started in 2018. Since that time did she reach over 30k+ Discord Servers and is still growing to this day.
She is by far the most popular project of mine.

Source Code


JavaBotBlockAPI is a Java-Wrapper for the BotBlock.org API.
BotBlock.org allows Bot-Developers to publish information about their bot - like its Server-count - towards multiple Bot lists with a single API and no need to use several different libraries to achieve this.
JavaBotBlockAPI tries to support all GET and POST methods that the BotBlock-API may offer and also comes with a JDA and Javacord module to make it a bit easier for those bots.

Source Code


OneVersionRemake is a BungeeCord and Velocity Plugin that allows server owners to deny Join-Requests for players, that don't use one of the specified versions.
It is a fairly simple yet very effective plugin with many different configuration options to use.

Source Code


Do you have question? Don't hesitate to join my Discord and ask for help.

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