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How to apply for review

You may want me to review your server... But how would you apply for it?
This page aims to answer it and also gives you an idea of how I may review your server.


Not everyone can apply to have their server reviewed.
To be eligable for a server review you need to...

  • Have your server listed in the #share-my-server channel on the HelpChat Discord when requesting the review
  • Not already have a review on my blog.
  • Not be a cracked/offline-mode server.
  • Is not a whitelisted server. Servers that are "Greylisted" (Require approval to join) are also disqualified.
  • Not use any leaked plugins.

If I notice that your server is violating any of those requirements (excluding the first one) will I remove the review from my blog page and reject any future requests from you.

Where to apply

To apply for a review, head over to the 📄 Reviews category and start a new discussion to apply for a Server review.
Once I find time - and your server follows the requirements mentioned above - will I review your server and reply with a link to the new post.

When creating the discussion, make sure to actually share the IP/Domain of the server, what kind of server it is (SkyBlock, Prison-Mine, ...) and what versions are supported.