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Welcome to the Spigot-Sounds page!
This page aims to list all available sounds that can be used in Spigot as a developer.

Page structure

Each page follows the same structure to have it more easy to find sounds being used.

MC 1.9

Minecraft 1.9 brought major changes to sound names since they are now prefixed with one of the below names to "categorize" them.

Prefix Category
AMBIENT Ambient/Enviromental sound
BLOCK Block sounds
ENCHANT Enchantment sounds
ENTITY Entity sounds, including player sounds
ITEM Item sounds
MUSIC The different in-game music
RECORD The different in-game music from records
UI UI sounds (Clicking menu buttons f.e.)
WEATHER Weather sounds


This page takes time to keep up to date and I have to do it manually which is why I appreciate any contributions to keep the page up-to-date.
To help, just went over to the GitHub Repository and PR your changes.


Here is a list of the current pages (And their corresponding Javadoc location)